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Ningxia DIAN Successfully Passed the PCR Acceptance, Becoming the First PCR Certified Independent Medical Laboratory in Ningxia
Time:2017-06-21   View:1207次

On Jun 9, Director Pu Wenhua, Health and Family PlanningCommission of Ningxia Autonomous Region and his party reviewed Ningxia DIAN PCRLaboratory. The expert group had unanimous agreement on the technicalacceptance. Since then, Ningxia DIAN became the first PCR certified third-partyindependent medical laboratory in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, which alsomarked that Ningxia DIAN Medical Testing Center made a new step in the hardwareand software construction.

Since opening in January 2017, Ningxia DIAN has madeactive preparation, strictly complied with the relevant provisions, andobtained the technical acceptance of Health and Family Planning Commission ofNingxia Autonomous Region for PCR laboratory in one time within a short periodof only 5 months, fully demonstrating DIAN’s capability in laboratory chainreplication and quality management.

Ningxia DIAN PCR Laboratory will provide amplified nucleic acid (DNA orRNA), tumor specimens and targeted drug testing services to second and thirdclass specialized hospitals, private hospitals and other medical institutionsin Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and in strict accordance with the"Medical institution clinical gene amplification laboratory managementapproach" of the Ministry of Health to standardize the whole process of"Laboratory settings, specimen collection, clinical testing using geneamplification technology and issuance of test report".

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